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Visiting Campus

Please read the details about each event below and then use the "Schedule a Campus Visit" link at the bottom of this page to make your reservation.

We're delighted that you are interested in visiting UMass Amherst. Below you'll learn more about our campus tours and information sessions. We are a popular campus to visit and some dates reach capacity well in advance so scheduling a reservation early is strongly encouraged.

What You Need to Know

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Campus Tours

Student-led walking tours are one of the best ways to become better acquainted with our campus. Our student tour guides fill the tours with facts and personal stories, providing an overview of academic and student life at UMass Amherst. During the 90-minute tour, you'll see the Campus Center, Student Union, Du Bois Library, a model dorm room, Recreation Center, Commonwealth Honors College, and an academic building. Please be aware that these are general tours and not specific to any particular major.

With a 1,400 acre campus and 90-plus majors, we can't show or tell you everything that UMass Amherst has to offer, but our tour guides can answer most questions and are available to give you directions or contact information for any department at the conclusion of the tour.

Tours originate from the Murray D. Lincoln Campus Center located at 1 Campus Way, Amherst, MA 01003. Please note that these walking tours cover about a mile, rain or shine - so be prepared for the New England weather!

Many departments across campus offer prospective students and their families opportunities to visit and learn more about their departmental offerings. We encourage students to reach out to the department they are interested in by following the link below. *Please note: The Hadley Farm is not open to the public without making an appointment. Please click link below for more information*


Admissions Information Sessions

Prospective students who have not yet been offered admission to UMass Amherst are welcome to attend an Admissions information session prior to your tour. These sessions are conducted by an Admissions Representative, last about 45 minutes, and are specific to the freshman application process. They're a great way to learn more about the application and review processes.

We also offer transfer-focused information sessions at 12:30 p.m. on the following dates: 9/29, 10/6,10/20, 11/10, 12/22, and 1/12/2018.? Conducted by a transfer counselor, they are timed to pair with the 1:30 tour.


Fall Visit Days?

If you are looking for a visit that has a little more to offer than the normal 90 minute campus tour you may want to check out our Fall Visit Days. They are offered on some weekends throughout the fall. To learn more about them?click here.


Busy Tour Periods

We are a popular university to visit and during certain periods of the year our tours will hit capacity weeks in advance. Please be sure to register early to ensure a tour spot during our most popular weeks:

School Vacation Times




Guests can park in our campus center parking garage. The GPS address for the campus center parking garage is?1 Campus Center Way, Amherst, MA 01003?and the cost is $1.50 per hour. To allow sufficient time to park and check-in, arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your first scheduled event. Your check in location will differ depending on the time and day of your event(s). The location and address was sent to you via your confirmation email. If you have any further questions feel free to call us at 413-545-0306.?

*Please note, if you are using "Waze" to direct you to the campus center it will not bring you to the correct location. Please use a different navigation source.*

Ready to Visit?

Schedule a Campus Visit here.


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