Points of Pride

The University of Massachusetts Amherst is one of the nation’s top public universities. We currently rank among the top 30 in a field of more than 700 public, four-year colleges and universities in the United States in the U.S. News & World Report’s annual college guide.

UMass Amherst is the flagship public higher education campus in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, making a profound, transformative impact to the common good. Founded in 1863, we are the largest public research university in New England, distinguished by the excellence and breadth of our academic, research, and community outreach programs.


Nationally recognized academics. More than 28,000 students are enrolled, including more than 22,000 undergraduates from 71 countries and 50 states.

Stellar students. Our students are bright, bold, unconventional thinkers. About 41,000 students applied for 4,700 seats in the Class of 2020. Academic quality remains excellent with combined average SATs at 1225/1600 and average GPAs at 3.83.

Research powerhouse. Our research expenditures in fiscal 2015 totaled $213 million. Among Massachusetts colleges and universities, UMass Amherst ranks third in research grants from the National Science Foundation, behind only MIT and Harvard.

Great value. For the eighth consecutive year, UMass Amherst is among the 100 “Best College Values” in public colleges compiled by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine. Money magazine ranks us among the nation’s best colleges based on the most bang for the tuition buck.

Hampshire Dining Hall

Extraordinary food. UMass Amherst ranks number one nationally for "Best Campus Food" in the 2017 edition of the Princeton Review’s The Best 381 Colleges.

Life sciences leader. The Institute for Applied Life Sciences, launched with a $95 million investment from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, combines expertise from more than 120 faculty members.

Top residential honors college. Our Commonwealth Honors College recruits the best and the brightest, with average SATs at 1343/1600 and average GPAs at 4.27. In 2013, we opened a six-building honors complex for living and learning.

Artistic hotbed.Our Fine Arts Center brings nationally known theater, music, and dance to campus year-round. Six campus galleries exhibit visual arts. Student art and performance opportunities abound.

RSO Student Activities

Devoted to diversity. UMass Amherst has a rich history in support of social justice and in efforts to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion on our campus. Our LGBTQ center and our women’s center, for example, were among the first established in the nation. And we offer more than 100 academic courses on diversity-related topics.

Economic engine. In 2015, UMass Amherst’s operations contributed $2.1 billion to the Massachusetts economy, nearly seven times the state's investment of $298 million.

Data science pioneer. We are established leaders in big data with a thriving new Center for Data Science. Working with industry and government, we are applying our internationally recognized expertise to data science and making multimillion-dollar investments in this booming field.

Broad academic spectrum. UMass Amherst offers 118 undergraduate degree programs as well as 76 master’s and 48 doctoral programs.


Building boom.We’re building the next generation of facilities for living and learning at UMass Amherst, including new classrooms, labs, residence halls, dining commons, and recreation venues. Altogether, we’ve built 2.4 million gross square feet of new facilities in the last 10 years.

Tomorrow’s manufacturing. We are on the forefront of advanced manufacturing. We are a lead institution for a $75 million federal initiative in flexible hybrid electronics, and we are a part of a $317 million public-private research partnership in high-tech manufacturing of fibers and textiles.

Award-winning scholars. We are one of the nation’s top-producing research universities for student Fulbright and Goldwater scholarships. Our 16 Fulbright scholars, along with our Goldwater and Beinecke scholars, exemplify our excellence.

LGBT friendly. Campus Pride rates UMass Amherst as one of the best campuses in the country for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students.


Serious about sustainability.The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education and the Princeton Review rank us among the top research universities nationwide for our commitment to leadership in sustainability.

International intellectual leader. We rank among the top 200 programs worldwide in 17 academic disciplines, according to the 2016 QS World University Rankings by Subject.

Community-engaged students. UMass Amherst engages the community with 359 programs, partnering with 499 organizations in 21 states and involving 86 different campus units.

Loyal alumni. The UMass Rising campaign was the most successful private fundraising effort in the history of public higher education in the commonwealth. Thanks to more than 103,000 alumni and friends, the campaign handily exceeded its $300 million goal, raising a total of $379 million.

Exciting Careers - NASA

Path to exciting careers.Our graduates work in such dynamic places as NASA, Google, Fenway Park, IBM, the Brooklyn Museum, CNN, General Electric, Alaska’s Denali National Park, Boston’s Beacon Hill, and Washington, D.C.’s Capitol Hill, to name a few.

Military friendly.UMass Amherst is a recognized leader in recruiting and supporting veterans in their postservice education. The campus currently serves more than 400 veterans.

World leader in climate science.The federal government selected UMass Amherst to lead a consortium of seven universities and host a major new initiative, the Northeast Climate Science Center, funded with a $7.5 million grant.

Alumni connections. We have a powerful network of more than 260,000 alumni worldwide who are leaders in their communities and in the sciences, professions, and the arts.

Athletic Fans

Top-tier athletics.UMass has 21 NCAA Division I sports teams. Four of them won Atlantic 10 Championships in 2015–16, with women’s lacrosse advancing to the Elite Eight round of the 2016 NCAA Championship. Former Minutemen in the pros include All-American wide receiver Tajae Sharpe, who plays for the Tennessee Titans, and Conor Sheary, who won a Stanley Cup with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Brilliant professors.Seven UMass Amherst faculty members are among “the world’s leading scientific minds,” according to a 2016 survey by Thomson Reuters.

Leading libraries. We have the largest public academic research library in Massachusetts. Our campus libraries boast the latest information technology and are hubs of scholarly activity.

Global opportunities.1,200 UMass Amherst students study abroad in 70 countries each year. We integrate academically rigorous, personally rewarding, and socially responsible international opportunities into our programs of study.

Town of Amherst

Fantastic college town.Hiking, biking, museums, music, theater, history, food, and farms—it’s all in Amherst. Plus, we’re part of a local consortium of five nationally known colleges, which includes Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith colleges.


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